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The “Patchouli Antique” candle diffuses a rich and powerful scent, heritage of the flagship fragrance from La Maison Les Néréides. This wooden oriental starts with notes of incense, giving it a bewitching and mystical aura.

With its soft fire crackling, the wooden wick of this scented candle brings a unique atmosphere into your home or office.

The heart reveals patchouli and Texas Cedar, for a powerful yet voluptuous character. With base notes of oak foam, amber, benzoin and vanilla, an oriental harmony signs the fragrance and gives it a modern twist.

Before lighting up the scented candle, it is recommended to cut off the wooden wick from 1 to 2mm high, this will make your candle last longer, with a lower flame and thus preventing the wax to soften too much. The candles needs no further care. Should you let the wooden wick at 3mm high or more, please note the candle flame will be stronger and the burning time shorter.
Please respect lighting sequences of 2 to 3 hours maximum to optimise the olfactory tone. Keep away from children, curtains and wind. Avoid its standing on crystal or marble tables.

Your candle can last about 40 hours.

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