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Earrings are added to the already existing range of astrological sign costume jewellery pieces from the Constellation collection. Trendy jewellery, Aries Astrological Sign earrings display their zodiac symbol and a sparkling star on one side and the corresponding element on the other side. The three signs of the zodiac matched with the Fire element are extremely passionate. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries Astrological Sign earrings are there to assert your personality. Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or a birthday, with the Constellation collection you are sure to please! To help you know your sign or discover the ones of your friend, you will find here below all the Zodiac sign details:

Aries: March, 21rst – April, 19th

Taurus: April, 20th – May, 21rst

Gemini: May, 21rst – June, 21rst

Cancer: June, 22nd – July, 22nd

Leo: July, 23rd – August, 22nd

Virgo: August, 23rd – Septembre, 22nd

Libra: Septembre, 23rd – Octobre, 22nd

Scorpio: Octobre, 23rd – Novembre, 22nd

Sagittarius: Novembre, 23rd – Décembre, 21rst

Capricorn: December, 22nd – January, 19th

Aquarius: January, 20th – February, 19th

Pisces: February, 20th – March, 20th


Length CM 3.1

Width CM 1

Weight G 3.5


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