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Les Nereides

Parrot And Exotic Flower Statement Necklace | ARPA3011

Parrot And Exotic Flower Statement Necklace | ARPA3011

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Lose yourself in a verdant South American jungle with this high-end costume jewellery statement necklace. Adorned with faceted crystal, this necklace features a scarlet macaw set amidst a bouquet of wild orchid flowers. Its ruby and emerald feathers blend with the pink petals of the flowers in a breathtaking spectacle. A true designer's jewel, this necklace will go perfectly with the Scarlet Macaw and Bauhinia flower earrings from the Lost Paradise collection and will bring a colourful touch to your outfit of the day.


Length:40cm Extension:5cm Width:1.8cm Depth:0.5cm Weight:6g
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