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Les Nereides

Mystery Of The Nile Statement Necklace | ASNI3011

Mystery Of The Nile Statement Necklace | ASNI3011

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Take a trip back in time with the Mystery of the Nile statement necklace and let yourself be carried away to the fascinating world of pharaonic Egypt. This imposing, majestic piece of costume jewellery is made up of glass and agate beads in vibrant colours. It embodies the sacred symbolism of the sun and birth. Every detail of this breastplate necklace has been carefully designed and worked on for almost a hundred hours to create an exceptional result. The subtle interaction of colours, textures and shapes creates a harmonious whole. Wear it to complement a simple, classic outfit, and let its imposing presence gracefully accentuate your style. Statement Necklace : Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled, cabochon and agate beads.





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