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Les Nereides

Egyptian Cobra Choker Necklace | ASNI3061

Egyptian Cobra Choker Necklace | ASNI3061

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Introducing a piece from our Mystery of the Nile collection, the Egyptian cobra choker. This unique piece features a popcorn link chain, aptly named for its resemblance to popcorn kernels. This design element lends a luxurious and refined aesthetic to the jewel. The necklace may evoke the imagery of "the snake that bites its own tail", or Ouroboros, a symbol from Egyptian mythology representing the eternal cycle of nature, renewal, and continuity. This historical symbolism is a far cry from its modern pejorative interpretation. The Egyptian cobra choker is not only rich in symbolism but also in style. Wear it alone for a bold, minimalist look, or layer


  • Length:40cm
  • Width:5.8cm
  • Depth:0.8cm
  • Weight:18.05g
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