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Les Nereides

Kingfisher And Maple Leaf Statement Necklace | ASPL3031

Kingfisher And Maple Leaf Statement Necklace | ASPL3031

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Introducing the Autumn Feathers Collection

Experience the enchanting beauty of autumn with our exquisite kingfisher and maple leaf statement necklace from the Autumn Feathers collection. Inspired by the poetic allure of Japanese nature, this costume jewellery piece brings a breath of fresh air to your style.

A Majestic Mid-Flight

Our trendy necklace showcases a majestic kingfisher mid-flight, capturing its grace and elegance. The sparkling blue plumage of the kingfisher is enhanced by delicate touches of gold, creating a mesmerizing visual appeal.

Hand-Enamelled Maple Leaves

Adding a touch of color and warmth to this jewel, the hand-enamelled maple leaves beautifully contrast with the cool colors of the bird. One of the leaves is paved with crystals, adding an extra sparkle reminiscent of sunlight reflecting off Japanese ponds.

Exotic Elegance

This necklace is designed for those who appreciate unique details and seek to add a touch of exotic elegance to their wardrobe. Crafted with gold-plated brass and hand-enamelled with utmost precision, this piece exudes luxury and sophistication.

Product Details

  • Material: Gold-plated brass and hand-enamelled
  • Length: 40cm
  • Extension: 5cm
  • Width: 1.5cm
  • Depth: 1.2cm
  • Weight: 5.1g

Elevate your style and embrace the radiance of autumn with our kingfisher and maple leaf statement necklace. Shop now and indulge in the luxurious beauty of Les Nereides.

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