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Les Nereides

Aubergine And Flower Pendant Necklace | ASPO3041

Aubergine And Flower Pendant Necklace | ASPO3041

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Experience the grandeur of this pendant necklace, a true tribute to nature and elegance. Two exquisitely crafted glass bead aubergines dangle gracefully, accompanied by their flowers, with petals subtly tinted in shades of pink and purple. One flower adorns the center of the chain, while the second aubergine flower is positioned slightly higher on the left, adding a touch of charm. Painstakingly hand-enamelled, these flowers showcase mesmerizing shades with their purple-pink petals. This designer piece, with its enamelled flowers and faceted glass beads, is a true celebration of grace and femininity. Crafted from gold-plated







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