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Les Nereides

Wild Strawberry And Strawberry Flower Earrings | ATBG1021

Wild Strawberry And Strawberry Flower Earrings | ATBG1021

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Discover these Wood Strawberry and Strawberry Flowers Earrings High the spring charm. In the heart of this jewel, two strawberry flowers flourish graciously. Their petals imbued with sweetness seem to dance according to the wind. Above this floral duo, a bumblebee rests with delicacy; His golden glow catches the eye and illuminates this jewel. Suspended with elegance, a finely carved wood strawberry seems ready to be picked. Its scarlet color spark like a rare pearl, it embodies the rarity and wild splendor adding a fruity note to this aerial bouquet. Combine these earrings with the charms strawberry wood and strawberry flowers.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled and cut glass.

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