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Les Nereides

Blueberry And Scarab Beetle Earrings | ATBG1091

Blueberry And Scarab Beetle Earrings | ATBG1091

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Earring Style
Explore the unique shine of these clip earrings where each detail captures the bewitching spirit of nature. In their center, a glass stone cut with a deep olive green creates a harmony canvas between three delicate white flowers and a vibrant green beetle. These elements rest with elegance, forming an attractive visual composition. Below this stone, suspended like delicate jewels are deep blue blueberries. This costume jewelry is perfect to wear for a summer theme or garden summer evening. Imagine yourself during an outdoor evening, surrounded by greenery, dim lights and floral decorations.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled, cut glass and plastic pearl bead.

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