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Les Nereides

Blueberry And Scarab Beetle Fine Bracelet | ATBG2031

Blueberry And Scarab Beetle Fine Bracelet | ATBG2031

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This fine bracelet evokes the wonder of nature through a delicate assembly. At the heart of this jewel is a glass stone cut with a bewitching olive green shade. Gently resting on this gem, three white flowers radiate elegantly, evoking the purity and delicacy of a spring meadow. At the top of the stone is an intense green beetle that catches the eye. Its vibrating shine adds a mystical and bewitching touch to the whole. Besides this scene, a blueberry is suspended, its delicate presence brings a sweet note to this unique jewel.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled, cut glass and plastic pearl bead.

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