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Les Nereides

Wild Strawberry And Pink Flower Pendant Necklace | ATBG3031

Wild Strawberry And Pink Flower Pendant Necklace | ATBG3031

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Discover this pendant necklace consisting of a pink strawberry flower carrying within it the gourmet secret of a hanging wood strawberry, like a promise of sweetness hung on your neck. At the heart of this jewel rests a pink strawberry flower captures the ephemeral beauty of flowering. Each petal seems to spin elegantly evoking the sweetness of a spring breeze. Below, a wooden strawberry hangs gently, like a promise of nature in its pure state. Its brilliant red shade contrasts with the softness of the flower petals creating a striking visual balance. Brought to your neck, it will add a touch of refreshing sophistication to your outfits

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled and cut glass.

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