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Les Nereides

Lilac Flower And Cut Crystal Bead Earrings | ATPO1041

Lilac Flower And Cut Crystal Bead Earrings | ATPO1041

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Earring Style
This pair of lilac rods and pearls earrings represents spring poetry through three delicate lilac flowers, each telling a distinct floral story. These flowers flourish elegantly, one of them captures the magical moment of hatching, revealing delicate petals in full deployment. Suspended with thanks to the bottom of each loop, a carved glass pearl adds a touch of sophistication. Each pearl brings a subtle note of radiance thus forming a perfect complement to the delicacy of the lilacs. Wearing these earrings is equivalent to hanging a small spring garden at each ear. They transmit the essence of the lilac where the hatching represents the renewed hope and the carved pearl the promise of an eternal beauty. For a complete and harmonious set, combine these earrings with Lilac flowers of the same collection.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled and cut glass.

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