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Les Nereides

Wildflower Hoop Earrings | ATPO1071

Wildflower Hoop Earrings | ATPO1071

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Let yourself be transported by the Flowers of Poets of the Les Néréids house thanks to these Creole earrings highlighting the magic of the flowers of the fields. A festival of flowers flourishes on this jewel wrapped in a golden glow evoking the heat of the summer sun. The subtle shades of blue, red and white in each flower create a vibrant painting reminiscent of the shimmering diversity of flourishing fields. The Creoles decorated with this joyful floral symphony offer a poetic vision where colors merger gracefully. The golden reflections enhance the natural splendor of flowers creating a harmonious balance which seduces both by its simplicity and its elegance. These Creole earrings transform each wearer into an ambassador of the flowery fields, where the brilliant gold underlines the ephemeral beauty of the seasons and the infinite richness of the colors of nature.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled and cut glass.

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