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Les Nereides

Flower Bouquet And Ceramic Bead Earrings | ATPO1081

Flower Bouquet And Ceramic Bead Earrings | ATPO1081

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Earring Style
Dress your ears with this sumptuous pair of earrings clips bouquet of flowers and ceramic pearl. Each earring is made up of a bouquet of fields tinged with red passion, celestial blue and immaculate white. Within this floral composition, golden touches sparkle. Each bouquet, meticulously designed is accompanied by a ceramic pearl pearl pearl with grace below. This delicate vase brings a note of refinement to the whole of the earring creating a harmony between the rusticity of the flowers of the fields and the delicacy of the pearls. These earrings are much more than a simple accessory, they are a miniature work of art carrying the infinite beauty of the flower fields at each ear. For a professional event where a more formal outfit is required, they will bring a subtle and refreshing touch to your look.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled and cut glass.

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