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Les Nereides

Golden Flower Bouquet And Scarab Beetle Earrings | ATPO1101

Golden Flower Bouquet And Scarab Beetle Earrings | ATPO1101

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Let yourself be enchanted by the floral opulence and the golden sparkle of this sumptuous pair of clip earrings. Each loop is meticulously designed in the form of a bouquet of golden flowers evoking a lush garden where sophistication meets nature. Within each bouquet of flowers delicately rests a beetle adding a touch of mystery and fascination to this unique set. These clip earrings are not content to accessorize, they tell a story of glamor and intrigue capturing the essence of an elegant evening or a special event. Wear them to add a touch of floral sophistication to your outfit, where the golden brightness meets the delicate mystery of the beetle or the butterfly.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled and cut glass.

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