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Les Nereides

Wildflower And Round Stone Pendant Necklace | ATPO3031

Wildflower And Round Stone Pendant Necklace | ATPO3031

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In the delicate glow of this pendant, a carved glass stone takes on the tender shade of an endless summer sky. At the top of this stone, a poppy flourishes adding a lively touch of passion that animates the top of this pendant. At the bottom of the stone rests a sunflower flower with solar elegance. Its gold petals capture light as the sun's rays recalling the gentle warmth of the summer days. This necklace becomes a story woven with symbols between the vibrant passion for poppy and the comforting heat of the sunflower. Whether for a relaxed day, a special event or even on a daily basis, this necklace is an accessory evoking the freshness and beauty of the fields.

Gold-plated brass, hand-enamelled and cut glass.

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