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Eco Knitted Animal Rattle - Koala

Eco Knitted Animal Rattle - Koala

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Introducing our charming Eco Knitted Animal Rattle in a delightful Koala design. This adorable toy is designed to bring joy and comfort to your little one while prioritizing the planet. Lovingly crafted, this eco-friendly rattle is the perfect companion for your baby's early developmental stages.

The gentle rattle sound of this 25cm toy captivates your baby's attention, encouraging auditory development. The charming Koala design sparks imagination and curiosity, providing a natural alternative to conventional toys.

Our Eco Knitted Animal Rattle is made from 100% cotton with recycled PPE filling, ensuring your baby's safety. The soft, knitted texture is perfect for tiny hands to grasp and explore, stimulating their senses and promoting hand-eye coordination.

Choose our Eco Knitted Animal Rattle and give your little one a cherished toy that is safe, sustainable, and sure to bring endless joy and wonder. Let's embrace a greener future, one delightful rattle at a time with

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