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Popcorn Blue

Koala Tea Towel

Koala Tea Towel

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• Generously sized tea towel (70cm x 50cm approx.)
• Australian Certified Organic cotton (imported)
• Printed in our Melbourne studio with water-based inks that meet the organic standard
• Designed and Illustrated in our Melbourne studio by Popcorn Blue.
• Machine washable
• Hanger stitched into the back corner
• Carbon Neutral

…more about the Tea Towels
All our certified organic products meet the Australian Certified Organic standards and comply with regulations to protect the rights of our workers; from the spring clearing of the land for planting through to attaching the fine label.

Grown in both the tropical wet and dry climates of India our certified organic cotton begins as tiny seedlings maturing to tall stalks with yellow flowers. The flower heads quickly turn red, fall off and leave behind a green pod – the humble beginnings of our cotton ball. Under the Indian sun, the ball begins to grow and swell as new fibres lengthen and thicken within the pod. Approximately 10 weeks later, a creamy cotton ball pushes forth.

The cotton is harvested and spun into balls of luxurious yarn and dyed only with eco-friendly inks, meeting organic standards. It is woven into yards of fabric, then cut and sewn into a range of products.

These cotton products are shipped to The Linen Press production facility in Melbourne, Australia for printing of Popcorn Blue illustrations.

Each item is checked before it is sent to you to ensure you have the best quality bespoke product.

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