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Mrs Darcy Collection

Mrs Darcy Hand Wash / White Onyx - Vanilla + Pink Salt

Mrs Darcy Hand Wash / White Onyx - Vanilla + Pink Salt

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The fresh and citrusy notes of Italian lemon are perfectly balanced with the sweet and creamy scent of Vanilla creating a luxurious fragrance that will transport you to a serene and relaxing atmosphere. 

  • Warmth of Vanilla softens the mix with delicate Woody scent.
  • Perfect balance of sweet delicious Whipped Caramel and a touch of florals.

Our luxurious Hand Washes are a divine piece of our Crystal Collection, housed in unique glassware reminiscent of the beauty of crystals and their unique healing properties. Enjoy a lush blend of plant-based surfactants for soft and supple freshness with a gorgeous variety of fragrances. Our Hand Washes are all about kindess to skin, which is why they feature unique antibacterial and biodegradable formulas.


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