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UBIQUA Lighting

Ubiqua Lamp Handy Maxi

Ubiqua Lamp Handy Maxi

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to enhance your outdoor experiences with its versatile features and durable construction.

Equipped with advanced solar technology, Handy harnesses the power of the sun to keep its built-in battery charged, ensuring reliable illumination whenever and wherever you need it.

With its flexible dimming capability, Handy allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your needs, whether you're reading under the stars, enjoying a cozy dinner with friends, or simply relaxing in your backyard. From soft ambient lighting to bright task lighting, Handy adapts to your preferences with ease.

Constructed with durability in mind, Handy is water and dust resistant, making it perfect for outdoor settings where conditions can be unpredictable. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, hosting a backyard barbecue, or simply enjoying a quiet evening on the patio, Handy is your reliable companion for all your outdoor lighting needs.

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