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UBIQUA Lighting

Ubiqua Lamp Standy Mini

Ubiqua Lamp Standy Mini

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Introducing the Standy Mini, a compact yet powerful addition to your lighting arsenal. Designed with the same sleek aesthetic and versatile functionality as its larger counterpart, The Standy Mini may be compact in size, but it delivers impressive lighting performance that belies its small stature.

With its soft LED light and minimalist design, the Standy Mini adds a touch of sophistication to any space, whether it's your desk, bedside table, or even your outdoor adventures. Illuminate your world with style and convenience wherever you go. Available in six attractive colors, the Standy Mini allows you to express your personality and match your decor effortlessly. And just like its bigger sibling, it boasts water and dust-resistant features, ensuring durability and reliability wherever you take it.

Enjoy the same level of control with the Standy Mini's flexible dimming and two color temperature options. Whether you need focused task lighting or cozy ambiance, this compact lamp has you covered.

Upgrade your lighting experience with the Standy Mini and discover how big style can come in a small package.

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