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UBIQUA Lighting

Ubiqua Zoom Desk Lamp

Ubiqua Zoom Desk Lamp

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Illuminate your workspace or your kid's study zone with the Zoom Desk – a completely cordless and rechargeable portable LED lamp designed to make your tasks effortless. Its unique removable head adds versatility, making it perfect for late-night reading or as a convenient torch. This lamp effortlessly blends style and function in one luxurious package, enhancing your desk experience.

With focused lighting, the Zoom Desk provides an ideal environment for you to concentrate on the important tasks at hand. Available in three luxurious colors, this lamp is not only a sophisticated lighting solution but also a space-saving addition to your table. Its cordless and rechargeable nature eliminates the need for a nearby plug, allowing any space to become a study zone with Ubiqua's Zoom Desk.

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